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About Us

About us


Since 2014, aiming to make it possible to provide a high quality service in Turkey, as well, with the developing silicone technology within the world market; we became one of the leading companies of our e leader of our industry in a short time thanks to our safe, fast, budget-friendly, high quality product and service insight. 


By meeting the needs especially in RTV2 silicone mould field and making contracts with the leading, international suppliers; we brought innovative and specialized solutions into many fields such as automotive, textile, forniture, decoration, DIY, souvenirs, electronics and construction. In 2019, with the polyurethane systems we added to our portfolio, we offered the exclusive Craft quality wood imitation products group to our customers. 


As of the beginning of 2020, together with the RTV2 silicone formula which is developed bu our R&D team, we have justified proud of being able to offer new products at a much more affordable price to our customers. 

Work with all we got to come up with the best sustainable solutions to offer and we invite you to discover the world of Craft with our growing product range and our expert team in their field... 


Our Vision

To become World’s leading brand by contributing in Turkey’s economy, developing constantly with the value and difference we create in all of our works and helping with our business partners to grow bigger. 


We offer the best solutions to our customersunder the light of developing technology by understanding their needs and expectations thoroughly. As we are well aware of ethical values, we work hard to serve our industry and our customers within the scope of sustainability and high productivity policies. 


Contact us


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