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RTV2 Silicone Rubber

RTV2 Silicone Rubber



RTV2 stands for “Room Temperature Vulcanizing”. The number “2” states that it is a two-component product. RTV2 contains a base material and a catalyst (curing agent).
Thanks to its unique features, RTV2 silicone rubbers offer significant advantages in copying, duplicating, potting and pad printing processes. It is split into two categories as addition and condensation in terms of their vulcanization types.


Addition Cure RTV2 Silicones

Addition cure RTV2 silicones are vulcanized with platinum based catalysts. These different shore value addition cure RTV2 products has complete transparency, ovendrying, low or no shrinkage features along with being anti- allergic.


Condensation Cure RTV2 Silicones

Condensation cure RTV2 silicones are vulcanized with tin based catalyst. Condensation cure RTV2 silicones that differs based on areas of usage, also have different shore values.



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